Legacy International Art FZE is a start-up created with the aim of playing a strategic role in the art market, offering privates entities, dealers and collectors with customised services according to their potential needs. The company is engaged in privately owned trading of works of art, with a particular focus on pieces by some of the foremost Modern and Post-War artists. A key factor is the attention to make connection between third-party potential sellers and buyers, facilitating the establishment of connections between the parties and assisting them with negotiations and further steps.

In addition, the company offers consultancy and advisory services to international art collectors interested in purchasing artworks, helping them to:

–        Get direct- eye access to the artworks, by identifying the proper safe and insured location and venues for private exhibitions;

–        Properly determine the current market price of the artworks of their interests;

–        Assess the perspective development of the artwork value over the short / medium term;

–        Negotiate terms and conditions of the purchase with the selling party;

The continuous scouting and research for artworks and potential clients is a further activity of the company, often at a preliminary stage to performing the aforementioned operations of art trader, dealer and art advisor.